WHY it works

The Team

By inviting the horse into your therapeutic journey you may find the missing link you’ve been looking for. With this unique experience, you can find a sense of peace and the freedom to be yourself, express yourself & discover yourself. Sometimes, life can feel like pushing water uphill with a sieve. You feel unable to make demands upon your friends and family because they seem too busy and have problems of their own. Consequently, you feel alone, isolated and that no one understands. You do not want to worry or upset those close to you, so you end up bottling things up and become withdrawn from what is really going on inside of you. Does this sound familiar? "Unbridle" your held emotions using Equine Assisted Therapy


If verbal communication feels like a hurdle then working with horses can give you that unique experience - by freeing you up to express your innermost thoughts and feelings. By being around the horse you can experience a depth of personal understanding that can ease emotional pain and develop your confidence, trust and belief in yourself.

Learn to express yourself, letting go of your held emotions and develop a greater understanding of your own process and development, and embark on your journey to meet your "true" self

Let the horse's intuition and spirit guide you through your journey.

With the help and support of a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist and horse person partner you on this, your unique journey.

Equine Assisted Therapy is a well tried and tested therapy across America and is grown in the UK as results show how effective it can be working with the horse as a therapeutic tool.

The horse is a very sensitive and powerful being, who doesn't lie, manipulate, or set out to hurt, or judge you. The relationship with the horse relies largely on mutual trust and respect which many of us feel is absent in our every day lives. Through this exclusive mutual trust and respect you can develop and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.


Using Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) you can learn to "just be" in the moment to the exclusion of all else, which creates a very potent experience. Let the horse teach you as you reveal your true self to the horse.


Sessions focus on your mental and physical process, for example feelings, behaviours and body language. Often creating opportunities for powerful metaphoric learning about your own process.

Like humans, horses have different personality types and when working with horses the selection process is determined by the horse and the client themselves.

Working with the horse can help you to resolve disputes that involve subtle negotiations rather than using domination.

Your Safety

The therapy team consists of your therapist and horse specialist

Prior to working with the horse basic safety issues will be discussed with you.

Some Reported Benefits of EAT



Improved self-esteem

Confidence building

Communication for couples

Decision making

Self awareness

Eating Disorders