Building confidence and a trusting relationship

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Well one of the horses demonstrated today just how powerful this work
can be to build confidence and a trusting relationship with yourself.
Working with our smallest herd member and my client using some basic
natural horsemanship techniques enabled the pony to go round her whilst
she stood in the centre of a hoop. This represented managing your space
and trusting what happens beyond your space. Using intention and
positive mental attitude my client built a relationship with this pony
over a few sessions so that now they could work in partnership.
Increasing her confidence and self belief. She went on to navigate the
pony’s movement to pass through an orchestrated alley. Client very
nearly gave up and pony became confused (in a situation such as this
the pony will mirror the human, as it’s looking for guidance). The
individual recalled what she had needed to do earlier in the session to
move the pony where she wanted her to go. Reminding herself about her
positivity, intention and coupled with improved communication skills,
the pony and client achieved what they had set out to do. It’s not about
the completion of the task (although that can be a bonus) it’s about the
increased personal awareness and development that we can reflect and
build upon.