Recently i spent some time with my client working alongside her to process the loss of a baby. All around her were friends and family members at different stages of preganancy which was hard for my client to tolerate. Throughout our brief time together she made great progress and feels ready to try for another baby. She sent these words […]

Equine Therapy    I met with a young person for an assessment session of equine assisted therapy (EAT). The remit for this person was to experience new strategies to address angry outbursts, destructive behaviour and to offer a safe quiet space to process life events. This person presents with “I can’t be bothered, don’t want to get up in the […]

As the daylight hour’s increase and the buds start to appear, we can feel that spring is in the air. Birds are singing and the blue sky is brighter at last. How do these elements of spring make you feel, what would you like to change? This is an energized time for development and re evaluation, taking stock of how […]

I’m a few years plus, into this exciting work, it’s a real gift to have the opportunity to bring together my passion for horses with my indoor therapy clinic and take it outdoors. Initially I found myself grappling around in the dark and feeling deskilled and needless to say “trying too hard” and wondering what I was missing and why […]

Where do you live ‘your life?’ Depression lives in the past,  Anxiety lives in the future, happiness lives in the here and now. Where do you live your life, the past, the future or the present?

Counselling is a process that can help… Counselling is a process which can help you to identify the ” if’s, maybe’s, could be’s” reduce the feelings of “being out of control” and the symptoms of anxiety and guilt, leaving you feeling positive, free of these negative feelings and ready to embrace your life. Remember we cannot recreate the “what if’s” […]